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Veggie vibes cleansing from 18 fruits and vegetables.
To help solve the problem of large pores, especially
With the only "patented" extract from Korea
“MiltiEx BSASM”

  • Use it and your skin will be soft and clean. clean-shaven look
  • Reduce clogging of the skin.
  • balance the skin
  • Very gentle exfoliation of old skin cells
  • Make our new skin strong, flexible, moisturized, reduce irritation.
  • With continued use, pimples will disappear.
  • Visibly smaller pores
  • Bright and shiny skin like a Korean girl


Detox skin with complete nourishment in one

Add vitamins and minerals to the face.

Face Veggie Vibes Deep Cleanser

SKU: 0004
  • Veggie Vibes

    5 in 1 makeup remover, face wash, scrub, detox and mask. Just wipe, release, fluffy, massage a little, rinse and finish. Only 490 baht, imported from Korea. natural extracts certified Dermatologically Tested from a lab in Korea. Sensitive skin can survive. Luscious skin like a Korean girl is not just a dream. It can come true with YOR'BES Show your best skin !!!


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