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YOR'BES Face Hygienic Serum 
Concentrated formula serum from Korea. There is a main ingredient from concentrated Centella asiatica. 78.3%  which is gentle to all skin types, contains mild AHA, removes dead cells and impurities and normalizes the skin cell turnover rate.  makes skin radiant and healthy regularly  Reduce acne, tighten pores. Reveal brighter skin in 30 days.


Hygienic Serum

SKU: 0002
    • Removes dirt and dry flakes on the outer surface.
    • Remove dirt and sebum in the pores.
    • Maintain skin moisture and dissolve dead skin cells.
    • Increase the coolness in the skin layer gently. reduce skin inflammation
    • Soothe the skin to be healthy.
    • Ready to retain moisture of the skin.

    Net content: 30 ml.


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